Please Help

Dear Peck Community,

Peck Schools has proudly supported a Weekend Food Program for many years. Many of our community members experience food insecurity year-round, including during the holidays. Peck’s Weekend Food Program has been able to help with this need in our community by providing 1-2 bags of food each week to families in need of extra help. We’ve been able to support this program in the past through grants, donations, and food drives. However, funds have run out, and while we are hoping to receive grant money in the coming weeks, we currently do not have any funds left to continue this program. Unless monetary donations are received very soon, we will not be able to send home food after next Friday, December 9th.

We would hate to see this program end, and we know what a supportive community Peck is, so we are asking you for your help in keeping this program afloat. While we appreciate the sentiment behind food donations, money to fund the program is what we really are in most need of to ensure well-balanced meals are sent home in a timely fashion. Any amount that you are able to give would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made in person at the high school or elementary office or mailed to the school. Please make checks payable to Peck Community Schools. If you could write Weekend Food Program on the memo line, that would be helpful. Please address your envelope to Rachel Shephard 222 E. Lapeer St. Peck, MI 48466.

If you have any questions, please contact Rachel Shephard at

Thank you!