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(7:30 AM)Good morning.  Below is the link to each of our distance learning newsletters for this week.  They are sorted by grade level. It should be as simple as clicking on your student's grade level to access the materials for this week.  Once you have accessed the newsletter, please read through it carefully.  Each teacher has made work available both on the computer or by paper/pencil.  If you have reliable internet, you will not need to print very much if anything.

Paper/pencil packets-If you do not have internet access for your student, we will have paper packets of work available for pick up on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 10-noon and 5-7 pm during food pickup.  If you request it, we will also mail packets out weekly.  We fully understand that students who will be utilizing paper packets will be a little bit behind our students working digitally. At this time, we ask that if you do have digital access you utilize that as much as possible as printing off materials and exchanging them increases the risk of exposure to you, your family and our staff.  

Each newsletter contains several sections, they may differ slightly from grade to grade but for the most part they are the same. You will find assignments for the core subjects-ELA (English/Reading), Math, Social Studies, and Science. These are the most important work to be completed. They also have a reading log and journal section.  In the Create, Move, and Tinker section you will see suggested activities for art, physical education, and technology.  There is also a few activities to engage the whole family!  At the end of the newsletters for the junior high/high school there is a schedule for weekly Zoom meetings that you and your student may join in order to speak to teachers directly and ask questions-as well as see your classmates. Each week we will ask parents to complete a survey to verify that students' completed the work assigned.  This survey will be sent via text.  

You can join Mrs. Kerr and I for a Zoom meeting this morning at 9 am if you want to get jump started in distance learning. We will text out the link to that meeting shortly. Good luck, and go slow. You've got this Peck Pirates!

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