March Event Changes

As you are well aware, with the recent mandated school closures, a number of our extra-curricular and school events have been impacted.  Please see our list of events.  Any postponed activities will be scheduled at a later date.  Peck Community Schools staff and administration are working toward reschedule dates in the months to come.

Imagination Library Matching Day 3/13 (postponed)

Elementary Girls Basketball Clinic 3/14, 3/21, 4/11, 4/17 (postponed)

Solo and Ensemble 3/14 (cancelled)

Change War 3/16-3/26 (postponed)

Board of Education Meeting 3/17 STILL ON

Fish Fry 3/20 TAKE OUT ONLY

Academic Track 3/21 (cancelled)

Spring Feather Party 3/22 (cancelled)

Book Fair 3/23-3/26 (postponed)

Dual Enrollment Meeting 3/24 (postponed)

Elementary Reading Night 3/25 (cancelled)

Little Pirate Roundup 3/26 (postponed)

*No Sporting events or practices until 4/6/2020 unless otherwise advised.