Weekend Food Program-Thank You!

Dear Peck (and Surrounding) Community,

Last December, the Peck chapter of the National Honor Society shared a letter about the need for donations for our Weekend Food Program to continue functioning. While I knew that community members would step up to the challenge, I was blown away by the response from people both inside and outside of our community. We’ve received donations or pledges to donate from as far north as Pigeon and as far south as Troy. I knew that people would step up to fill the need, but I had no idea that help would come from so many people and so many places. To all who have donated, thank you so very much. You’ve helped many children and their families. For anyone still interested in donating, you can contact me at 810-378-5200, ext. 3204 or shephardr@peckschools.net

Thank you,

Mrs. Shephard, NHS Advisor