Cafeteria Offers A La Carte Menu Items

All 6th-12th graders may purchase outside of the menu choices on a daily basis.  Below is a list of the offerings available for purchase in the cafeteria during lunch.  Please see below for instructions if you wish to "block" your student from making such purchases.

Ice Cream------------------$1.00



Diet Soda-------------------$1.50


Flavored Water----------$1.25

Kick Start-------------------$1.50


Vitamin Water------------$1.75

Snapple Juice------------$1.00

Snapple Tea---------------$1.50

Smart Water---------------$2.00

Core Water-----------------$2.25

***If you would like to block your student from purchasing these specialty items, please email "No treats for (your child's first and last name)" to food service director Billie Duvall at