school bus driving down a country road

During this week's transportation audit by the state of Michigan, we discovered that one of our drivers had mistakenly let his endorsements lapse and was unable to work until the situation was rectified. This has left us with two full-time drivers and no subs available at this time. We appreciate your patience as this disruption will potentially last through next week. We hope to have it resolved as soon as possible. If you are able, we ask all families that can provide transportation to and from school to do so until we can put a third bus back on the road.

Changes to Routes

To simplify this transition, we have divided the district in half at M-19. All students who live east of M-19 will ride bus #3 (Dawn) and all students who live west of M-19 will ride bus #4 (Carl) until further notice. We have also decided to separate the town pickups. If you live in town, we will be picking you up in the morning after we complete our routes and drop students off at school. In the afternoon, we will load town students first and drop them off before returning to the school to load the country students and depart.

We will be beginning our routes at 6:30 am starting tomorrow (3/7/24). Pickup and dropoff times are going to vary greatly as we determine what we need to do-please be flexible and be watching and ready. If we miss a student please call the elementary office and we will make sure that we get your students to school. We anticipate routes that take well over an hour, any tardiness due to school transportation will be excused. Once again thank you for your patience, if you have any interest in driving a bus please stop in or call the superintendent's office.